Online Art Club has begun!

We enjoyed our first session tonight, getting to know each other and finding out what we love to draw, and what we wish we could draw. There were even cat and dog appearances!

I can already tell we are going to have so much fun! A great bunch of kids who are keen to get started and had some ripper suggestions on what they’d like help with, and want to learn how to do. That’s the best part about this Art Club, I’m guided by my Students completely.

Each student has a copy of my book ‘You Can Draw’ and can use this at any time. The lessons in Art Club are different and not found anywhere else but in Art Club.

Our Online Art Club runs for six months, with one lesson each week (alternating each week between live lessons and an emailed activity). There’s still time to join in, just send an email to

Next session: Tuesday at 2:00pm! I’m so excited!

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