Colour & Drawing Techniques

Commencing Wednesday 7th October 2020

Children will learn about Colours, how they compliment and how they are made and changed. Then, they will be taken through the basic techniques of:

 - Drawing techniques

 - Painting mediums and techniques

 - and so much more!

Children receive their own Art workbook, and have access to all other materials required.

Oberon Showground (Ross Street). 

$160 for eight weeks.



dates to be announced

Clay Sculpting with
Polymer Clay
Creative Writing &
Book Illlustration
Felting shapes and
Farm Animals
Painting a masterpiece
on Canvas

How do I book in my child?

Please send an email to info@amycurran.com.au with your Childs Name, Age, and the Workshop/s you are interested in booking for. You will receive an email reply within 24 hours with confirmation of your booking. If you don't receive this, please email again, or call 0404 206 006.

How do I redeem my Creative Kids Voucher?

When you receive your email confirmation of your workshop booking, please forward the Creative Kids Voucher Receipt you received from Service NSW when you applied for the voucher. The voucher will then be applied to your workshop.

If you haven't applied for your Voucher/s yet, click on the picture below to go to their website.

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